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Children and Young People’s Outreach and Re-settlement Service - Notts Women's Aid

This service provides outreach and resettlement services to children and young people across the north of the county who have experienced domestic abuse or who are living with domestic violence or abuse.  This also includes young people in their own abusive relationships. It also provides support to women to raise their awareness and understanding of their children's experiences and impact of domestic abuse.

Description of service and support

Children and young people are supported through talking, listening, play, creative activities and group work. One to one sessions and/or work within a group are offered, to enable children to discuss and explore issues surrounding domestic violence in a safe and friendly environment.

Children and young people are enabled to express and understand their feelings, build confidence and self-esteem and to build links within the local community.  We also offer awareness raising sessions and targeted support within secondary schools and community projects.  We deliver the Hands Are Not For Hurting programme which is a treatment and recovery programme.  We also have workers based in Social Care offering early intervention and prevention work and within the police offering support to high risk 16 and 17 year olds. There are 8 members of staff available.

Service Opening Hours

Monday 09.00-18.00 
Tuesday  09.00-18.00 
Wednesday  09.00-18.00 
Thursday 09.00-18.00 
Friday 09.00-18.00 

Office Opening Hours

Monday  09.00-16.30 
Tuesday  09.00-16.30 
Wednesday  09.00-16.30 
Thursday  09.00-16.30 
Friday 09.00-16.30 


The Farr Centre
Chapel Walk

S80 1LR

Public Transport:
A few minutes walk from the Bus Station and 15 minutes walk from the Worksop Railway Station.

Contact Data:

Telephone: 01909 533610
Fax: 01909 533617
Email: enquiries@nottswa.org
Web address: http://www.nottswa.org

Children and young people (male and female) from 4 years up to 18 years who have experienced domestic abuse or who are living with domestic violence or abuse.
Self referral and Agency referral To make a referral contact 01909 533610. Referral forms can also be downloaded from the website. If possible the young person's consent should be gained before making the referral.