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Nottinghamshire YMCA

Nottinghamshire YMCA provides accommodation for homeless people. Accommodation consists of single rooms, self catering rooms and studio flats. A range of support is available as part of our stage progression programme. There is a 111 bed hostel in Nottingham City, over 30 beds in the Mansfield and Ashfield hostel together with transitional houses across the city and county.

Description of service and support

When new residents move into Nottinghamshire YMCA, they will move into a single bed and breakfast room with shared kitchen facilities. From here, your stage progression will determine your next move. This could be a studio flat in our Nottingham location or to one of our transitional homes dotted throughout the city and the county. Pets are not accepted

Support provided includes: housing, benefits, employment and training, and referrals to specialist agencies. Relapse prevention and ongoing support for recovering substance abusers. Move on support by staff in keyworker sessions.

Capacity and facilities

No of places 284
No of baths / head Varies
No of showers / head  Varies
No of toilets / head  Varies
Own cooking facilities Varies
Meals provided Varies
24 hour staff cover Support team Mon - Fri. Security Concierge 24/7
Computer / internet access Varies
TV (communal) Varies
TV (own room) Varies
Own room furnished Varies
Laundry on site Varies 
Communal area Varies 
Garden Varies

House rules

Can you smoke in own room? Yes
What are the restrictions on guests visiting during the day? Nottingham: 09:30 - 23:30, latest guest sign in 22:00
Mansfield: 10:30 - 22:30, latest guest sign in 22:00
Transistional homes: 09:30 - 23:30. No restriction on latest guest sign in time
What are the restrictions on overnight guests? No overnight guests. 
What support must clients engage with? Key working, training and education. 
Please detail any other significant house rules: None. 

Tenure and costs

What is the minimum stay? No minimum stay. 
What is the maximum stay? No maximum stay. 
What are the tenure options? Licence Agreement
What is the cost per week to the client? Varies upon location


Minimum age accommodated?

Maximum age accommodated?

No upper age restriction. 
Genders accommodated?

Relationship status accommodated?

Singles only. No provision to live with dependants while at YMCA.
Are there any access restrictions and if so what? Nottingham and Mansfield: Visitors must produce ID upon first visit and sign in at reception on every following visit. Keys and fobs are handed in to reception upon leaving the building and can be collected again on re-entering.
Transistional homes: property must be kept secure when in or out of the property.


4 Shakespeare Street


Public Transport:
Both the Nottingham and Mansfield hostels are located close to the city/town centre and can be easily accessed by public transport. Transitional houses, provided as move on accommodation, are located around Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire County.

Contact Data:

Telephone: 0115 9567600
Fax: 0115 9567601
Email: stay@nottsymca.org
Web address: http://www.nottsymca.com

Nottinghamshire YMCA accommodates people who are homeless and need support. We provide support to individuals and signpost to organisations that can help with the following and more; alcohol related, drug related, mental health, leaving care, released prisoner and domestic violence.
Referrals are taken from agencies and direct applications. Call us on 0115 956 7600 for Nottingham or 01623 407 801 for Mansfield. Drop in to 4 Shakespeare Street, Nottingham or 57 Commercial Gate, Mansfield. Email us at stay@nottsymca.org, visit www.nottsymca.com and select accommodation in the menu bar at the top of the home page.