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Street Outreach Team - Framework HA

Framework’s Street Outreach Team engages with rough sleepers and helps them to access accommodation and support and works in partnership with other agencies such as Local Authorities to quantify the extent of street homelessness.  The service works with housing, health, the police and voluntary sector agencies to identify the most appropriate accommodation and support options.

Description of service and support

Verification of and advocacy for those people who are Rough Sleeping within Nottingham City.  The team will assess and refer appropriately to housing associations, councils and the private rented sector as well as assisting in reconnection to other authorities and states where appropriate. Public referral line is 0800 066 5356. 

The team comprises 5 Nottingham City outreach workers and 1 Nottingham City resettlement worker as well as a team leader.

Service Opening Hours

Monday  24 hour coverage on 0800 066 5356
Tuesday   24 hour coverage on 0800 066 5356
Wednesday   24 hour coverage on 0800 066 5356
Thursday  24 hour coverage on 0800 066 5356
Friday  24 hour coverage on 0800 066 5356
Saturday  24 hour coverage on 0800 066 5356
Sunday  24 hour coverage on 0800 066 5356

Office Opening Hours

Monday   09:00 - 18:00           
Tuesday   09:00 - 18:00
Wednesday   09:00 - 18:00
Thursday   09:00 - 18:00
Friday  09:00 - 18:00


Street Outreach Team c/o Val Roberts House 25 Gregory Boulevard Nottingham

Contact Data:

Telephone: 08000665356
Email: streetoutreach@frameworkha.org
Web address: http://www.frameworkha.org

Rough sleepers
If you have seen somebody sleeping rough, or if you are affected by rough sleeping, please call the telephone hotline on: 0800 066 53 56