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Broxtowe Youth Homelessness

Broxtowe Youth Homelessness (BYH) works to prevent homelessness through provision of an educational programme in schools across Nottinghamshire. Young peer educators volunteer with BYH to share their own experiences of homelessness to benefit others. The organisation also provide emergency packs to young people in Broxtowe and co-ordinates the South Notts Inter-Agency Forum.

Description of service and support

‘Home Street Home’ - the school educational programme raises awareness of youth homelessness, the causes and associated issues. BYH ensures that young people know where to access help and support if they are ever faced with homelessness.

‘Peer Impact’- peer educators are trained to assist with the delivery of the prevention programme and provides an opportunity to gain a recognised qualification, transferable skills, recognition within the community and the self-confidence required to move on successfully.

BYH’s Basic Box scheme provides young people in Broxtowe with emergency food/toiletry packs. Home starter packs are available to young people who have experienced homelessness and are moving into their first accommodation.

Co-ordination of the quarterly South Notts Inter-Agency Forum provides agencies and organisations with a platform to share good practice and promote their services. BYH’s homelessness awareness training is available to professionals who through their work may encounter people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Service Opening Hours

Monday  N/A
Tuesday   N/A
Wednesday   N/A
Thursday  N/A
Friday  N/A

Office Opening Hours

Monday   Part-time office with varying opening hours     
Tuesday   Part-time office with varying opening hours
Wednesday   Part-time office with varying opening hours
Thursday   Part-time office with varying opening hours
Friday  Part-time office with varying opening hours


Broxtowe Youth Homelessness, Carnegie Centre Annex, Warren Avenue, Stapleford, Nottingham

Contact Data:

Telephone: 0115 949 7790
Fax: 0115 949 7790
Email: enquiries@broxtoweyouthhomeless.org
Web address: http://www.broxtoweyouthhomeless.org.uk

Educational programme delivered to year 10/11 students in schools. Peer education programme open to young people aged 16 -25 who are or have experienced homelessness.
Referrral to BYH’s peer education programme can be made directly or through organsiations/agencies working with and supporting young people. Details of training and the South Notts Inter Agency Forum can be made directly through the office. Broxtowe Basic Box can be accessed from BYH