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We provide accommodation in the homes of volunteer 'hosts'. This housing is exclusively for destitute asylum seekers. It is for up to 3 months, while the asylum seeker (or 'guest') puts in a new (or 'fresh') claim for asylum.

Description of service and support
Accommodation is in a volunteer's home, usually in a spare room. Arrangements vary: sometimes guests and hosts eat together, sometimes apart. It is up to the host whether the guest has their own key.

The HOST worker meets both host and guest separately and together. If they both feel it is suitable, the guest moves in. There is a review after one week, then four weekly.

Hopefully service users have their 'fresh' asylum claim accepted and have support from the Home Office again (including accommodation). If not, they may move into housing with the Arimathea Trust which offers long-term housing for destitute asylum seekers.

Capacity and facilities

No of places Varies
No of baths / head Varies
No of showers / head  Varies
No of toilets / head  Varies
Own cooking facilities Shared
Meals provided Varies
24 hour staff cover No
Computer / internet access Varies
TV (communal) Usually
TV (own room) No
Own room furnished Yes
Laundry on site Varies
Communal area Yes
Garden Varies

House rules

Can you smoke in own room? No 
What are the restrictions on guests visiting during the day? Not usually allowed
What are the restrictions on overnight guests? No overnight guests 
What support must clients engage with?  Solicitor and HOST worker
Please detail any other significant house rules:  Decided by individual host

Tenure and costs

What is the minimum stay? None
What is the maximum stay? 3 months
What are the tenure options? None
What is the cost per week to the client?



Minimum age accommodated?

Maximum age accommodated?

No limit 
Genders accommodated?

Relationship status accommodated?

Singles or couples but no dependants
Are there any access restrictions and if so what? Varies


HOST Nottingham
c/o Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Refugee Forum
31 Hungerhill Road


Public Transport:

Contact Data:

Telephone: 0790 485 2512
Fax: 01909 530320
Email: hostnottingham@gmail.com
Web address: http://www.hostnottingham.org.uk

Destitute (failed) adult asylum seekers
All referrals come from the 'Destitution Group' at the Refugee Forum. Places are granted on a needs basis.