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Aidan House - Framework HA

Aidan House provides safe and secure accommodation and housing related support for young women aged 16 to 19 who are pregnant or who have young children. 
Description of service and support
The accommodation is situated in a large shared house and self contained flats in Nottingham. Residents are expected to participate in support planning to boost their skills and confidence and in a resettlement programme. Assistance is provided to service users in finding appropriate move-on accommodation and equipping them with the skills needed for independent living. There are approximately 10 members of staff.

Capacity and facilities

No of places  6 Flats and 10 beds in a shared house
No of baths / head  3/10 in the house, Each flat has a bath
No of showers / head   
No of toilets / head   4/10 in the house, Each flat has a toilet
Own cooking facilities  Yes (shared kitchen)
Meals provided  No
24 hour staff cover  Yes
Computer / internet access  Yes
TV (communal)  Yes
TV (own room)  Yes
Own room furnished  Yes
Laundry on site  Yes
Communal area  Yes
Garden  Yes

House rules

Can you smoke in own room?

Only in the flats

What are the restrictions on guests visiting during the day?

Long term partners or fathers of the baby can only visit between 9am-8pm. Female friends/relatives are not restricted   

What are the restrictions on overnight guests?

Male and females are permitted to stay overnight in the flats. Women only in the house.

What support must clients engage with?

Support plans and actions resulting from the plan, move on plan.

Please detail any other significant house rules:  

Tenure and costs

What is the minimum stay? None                 
What is the maximum stay? 2 years
What are the tenure options?

Licence agreement in the house, Assured short hold tenancy in the flats

What is the cost per week to the client?

Room: £296.73 per week rent plus ineligible charge of £17.57. Five 1 bedroomed flats £305.55 per week plus ineligible charge of £19.46. One 2 bedroom flat at £317.24p per week plus ineligible charge of £19.46. 


Minimum age accommodated?

Maximum age accommodated?

Genders accommodated?

Relationship status accommodated?

 With dependents
Are there any access restrictions and if so what?              


Aidan House, Tewkesbury Drive, Nottingham

Public Transport:
David’s Lane Tram Stop. Regular buses

Contact Data:

Telephone: 0115 8504010
Fax: 0115 8417708
Email: jessica.jackson@frameworkha.org
Web address: http://www.frameworkha.org

Vulnerable young women aged 16 to 19 years old who are pregnant or who have young children.
Referrals to Aidan House are made through Nottingham City Council, c/o The Gateway, Housing Aid, 135 Lower Parliament Street, Nottingham, NG1 1EE.
Located in: Supported